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from Dirk Schories

All the text and pictures in this Web site are copyright 1989-2005 of the authors mentioned below each photo.Please contact the authors directly for further copyright information. Photos from Dirk Schories can be used as follows:

Non-commercial Web use of photos If you have a personal home page or non-commercial Web service, please feel free to use photographs with hyperlinked credit. Acceptable HTML is

photographs courtesy <a href="">"author"</a>

That way people know who took the picture and also can find the on-line copyright statement. You do not need to pay for usage. Just build the best Web site you can and give it back to the community.

Commercial Web use of photos

If you would like to use my pictures on a commercial page, then please do the following:

  1. register the URL with the author (sending email is fine)

  2. add the hyperlinked credit as above

Use of photos and Web pages in print

If you are doing a story, book, or CD-ROM about the World Wide Web, please feel free to include a page or two under the following conditions:

  1. screen captures must be made from a computer with a 24-bit color video board. (Machines with 8-bit cards produce distorted images and colors.) I will supply dupe PhotoCDs or traditional transparencies for reproduction upon request. the URL must be legible in the capture or separately printed in a caption a small credit must be printed reading for example"Web page courtesy Dirk Schories (" or "Photos courtesy Dirk Schories("

  2. send the author email informing her /him of the usage and/or Snail Mail a copy of the finished item to Dirk Schories, Brodersbyer Str.1, 24398 Karby, Germany.

If you simply want to use photographs to illustrate an article that is not about the Web pages, e.g., you just want a photo of marine wildlife with a story on them, then that is commercial usage, you are not covered by any of these blanket licenses, and you should send us an email with a proposal. An exception to this is free publications put out by non-commercial organizations; you can use whatever you want with credit as above.

We've copied nearly all of this copyright declaration from Bernhard Picton and Philip Greenspun in the belief that they have the right attitude.

Dirk Schories